Sandra Marsh, Mindscapes Photography

Sandra began life in Kelowna, BC, grew up in Prince George, BC, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from UBC (University British Columbia) and currently makes Edmonton, AB her home. She is a mother to two loving cats.

Sandra’s love of photography blossomed at an early age, when her parents and family gifted her with numerous film cameras to tinker with during her childhood years. But it wasn’t until July 2000, when her mother, a Presbyterian minister, exchanged churches with a minister in Scotland for that summer, that Sandra’s knack as scenic photographer was revealed. Travelling throughout the rugged Scottish countryside with an old manual focus film camera, Sandra grew accustomed to the workings of her SLR, and the love she has for it has stayed with her to this day.

Today, Sandra still uses her old film cameras primarily (Vivitar and Olympus) and has only recently, and grudgingly, added a Nikon and Canon to her well-used camera bag. Presently, Sandra does not utilize any computer programs, such as Photoshop, to adjust the look of her photographs, preferring the sense of naturalness she and her cameras produce.

Ultimately more of a traveler than a photographer, Sandra prefers to explore the world at her own pace and in her own way, without the need for a guide or tour, returning home each time with new memories of the people she met, the places she’s discovered, and with photographic gems to share with her clients. Her favourite travel companion is her mother who inspires Sandra to enjoy many new adventures.

Sandra and her folio of wonderful images can be found every Saturday at the Strathcona Farmer’s Market, 8:00am to 3:00pm. A selection of her framed work can also be found exclusively at Eye-C Custom framing.

Bro. Louis Andreas, OMI (Oblates of Mary Immaculate)
In 1968, Louis Andreas, OMI started a career as a graphics artist/technician. To augment his new profession, Louis’ parents gave him a new 35mm Pentax Camera.

Armed with that camera, a half hour crash course in composition, a roll of Kodachrome film and a healthy dose of excitement, he set out on his first photographic outing. One of those first images, of an old bridge, went beyond the realm of ‘just a picture’ to a photograph containing a sense of awe and mystery. This photograph was a result of some luck and Louis’ creative eye. However, it inspired him to look hard at the ordinary and encouraged the honing of his technical skills to capture those magical images.

In 1973, Louis was invited to hang his first of what were to be three displays at the North Battleford Art Gallery in Saskatchewan. The third display, which was comprised primarily of nature images, captivated the people of Battlefords. This response was an affirmation and a guide for his photography today.

During a trip in 2006, he realized that the expansive landscape scenes could not be captured in the ordinary way. Inspired by the panoramic photographs of the past and the technology available today, he proceeded to take multiple images of that scene. Later, with the help of a computer, he assembled them in a wide panoramic vista. These wide panoramic vistas capture nature’s grandeur and make his work awe inspiring.

Louis has lived in Edmonton and St. Albert, Alberta for the past twelve years and works as an Oblate Missionary. His vocation affords him a lot of opportunity to travel and his Pentax K20D is always close by his side.

Tom Webb (1927-2011), World Renowned Nature Photographer

Tom Webb was born and raised in Edmonton. Nature photography was his life passion. His photography has never before been offered for sale to the general public. He competed internationally for over 30 years. Some of his accomplishments are as follows:

  • For 19 Consecutive Years, Tom was Recognized as the Best Amateur Nature Photographer in the World
  • Had over 2,000 Acceptances in International Photo Competitions
  • Won over 300 Medals and Hundreds of Ribbons
  • Was a Guest Judge at Many Prestigious Photography Exhibitions
  • Had a Feature Article in the Edmonton Journal
  • Featured in Photo Canada Magazine (8 pages)
  • One Man Show at the Alberta Provincial Museum
  • Permanent Collection on Display at the National Museum of Canada

A very limited collection of photographs on 16 x 20 paper is now being offered. These photos are not machine produced inkjet copies. Each photo is an original hand produced darkroom image on silver emulsion-backed paper giving maximum clarity and colour saturation.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own nature photography at its finest.

Daryl Benson
Inspired by the nature of the Albertan landscape where he grew up, Daryl Benson has been photographing landscapes for over 25 years. Daryl is a contributing editor to Photo Life, Outdoor Photographer and PC Photo magazines, as well as a self-published author of 3 photography books. Daryl thinks there is no more beautiful place than the landscapes of Alberta.


Bernadette McCormack, Duncan, BC
After growing up in Alberta and establishing herself as an artist, Bernadette McCormack currently resides in Duncan, BC on Vancouver Island with her husband and children. She is a member of the Visions Art Studio Tour Group and the Cowichan Valley Arts Council. She received two awards for merit from the Cowichan Valley Arts Council in 2008 and 2009. She was accepted into the Filberg Festival in the summer of 2008, which enabled her to further establish herself as an “island artist.”

In the early days of 2009, Bernadette was asked to paint on a seven and a half foot fiberglass eagle sculpture for the BC Lions Society. Her eagle is installed in the tourist zone of Victoria and will remain there until April of 2010, at which point it will be auctioned off to raise funds for the Easter Seals Society for Children with Disabilities.

In April of 2009, Bernadette’s painting In One Boat Together was chosen to be part of a public art exhibition in Sarasota, Florida. Embracing Our Differences, which is an international art exhibition that promotes unity, tolerance, acceptance, and love, installs billboard sized paintings in a park for the public to consider, as we reach for a better understanding of the diversities of the human race.

Bernadette’s studio is open to the public and she welcomes visitors from around the world to come and see her paintings, where she works, and to discuss the perplexities of life and love.

Fred Buchwitz

Fred came to Canada in 1949 from Europe at the young age of four. His family settled in the town of Chilliwack, nestled in the pristine Fraser Valley in southern British Columbia.

Teachers and peers recognized Fred’s remarkable artistic talent when he was thirteen years of age. With their encouragement behind him and his own innate love for art, Fred began to experiment with various painting mediums. He spent a great deal of time painting murals around his school with a friend. One of his most memorable murals illustrated the history of western art. In grade eleven, Fred’s father supported his son’s artistic endeavors by providing Fred with the tuition for an art course from Minneapolis, Minnesota that he took by correspondence. This course helped sharpen and refine Fred’s understanding of perspective and his use of composition. In grade twelve, Fred decided to pursue a career in art.

After high school, Fred moved to Vancouver and started a job as a window display man for Woodward’s. He worked there for eight years, during which he also married and started a family. His favourite moments at Woodward’s were the times he decorated the large storefront windows in downtown Vancouver for Christmas and Easter. Fred worked part-time hours at Woodward’s one year while he took courses in graphic design at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. However, he was unable to complete the program because his wife gave birth to their first child.

In 1974, Fred was given the opportunity to display his original paintings Thursdays to Saturdays in Guildford Town Centre. He brought his easel and stool with him to “entertain” the shoppers with his skill. Rent for the mall space was free at the time, which was the big break Fred needed to leave his job at Woodward’s and start selling his originals full time. Fred was able to sell more of his work from his studio as a result of this exposure.

After a year of displaying at Guildford, Fred traveled with a group of painters known as “Great Western Artists.” They traveled throughout western Canada and it was on these trips that Fred discovered the beauty and majesty of the Rocky Mountains. The Rockies have become a major theme in his work ever since. Fred also started releasing limited edition prints and art cards of his work.

With a wide selection of limited prints, canvas transfers, and giclees for art buyers to choose from, Fred’s work is now sold in galleries throughout Canada and has made its way into art collections worldwide. He has developed his own unique style for his landscapes and seascapes. His attention to detail and use of rich colour have made him a favourite of limited edition collectors.

Today, he works from his studio in North Delta. Fred publishes and distributes his work through his own company, Buchwitz Art Studio, Inc. When away from the painting easel, Fred enjoys taking in the natural beauty of Greater Vancouver and spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren. Fred’s two sons, Jeff and Jason, and his daughter, Melody, have inherited his artistic abilities and are all involved in the visual arts. Fred’s wife, Margaret, takes care of the administrative aspect of the business and has been one of the best art critics Fred could ever ask for.

Len Krenzler
Len Krenzler was born and grew up in Alberta, Canada flying small aircraft with his father. He has had a lifelong obsession with aircraft of all types but military fighters have always been his key interest. He received his diploma in Aeronautical Engineering in 1992 and has since enjoyed a career in technical illustration.

Over the years he has collected a large assortment of books, diagrams and pictures of fighter aircraft which he uses to research his subjects. After many years of bringing engineering diagrams to life and with a keen interest in fighter aircraft, he has produced a number of popular pieces of aviation art with a new level of detail and action.

Not wanting to try to do what has already been done before by other great artists, Len strives to create artwork that is a little different from the norm in aviation art. His goal is to try to pack as much explosive action into a single image as possible to tell a story and capture a rare moment in history with as much realism as possible. He hopes his images are enjoyed not only by collectors and aviation enthusiasts, but also by people who may not have had an interest before. Anyone can enjoy the intense action, excitement portrayed and perhaps imagine themselves in the hero’s seat, traveling hundreds of miles per hour, engine roaring and fire flying.

Over six months of hard work and near obsession go into creating the painstaking details of each image and Len’s patient wife Songsil helps with the research and marketing of each edition.

How these images are created: Art in high definition like you’ve never seen it before!

This revolutionary new art form brings past events to life in a way never before possible. They are the “picture you could never get”, freezing a rare moment in history and bringing it to life with extraordinary detail for your delight.

The process used to generate these images is truly revolutionary and a departure from traditional painting. After careful research of the aircraft and events, all components of the scene are painstakingly hand modeled with great detail in 3 dimensions using computer software similar to what is used in aerospace engineering. Careful attention is paid to creating an accurate shape including even the finest details. The aircraft and other components of the image are then digitally “painted” in 3 dimensions with their appropriate markings and colour details.

When modeling is complete, the scene is set. Special motion and particle effects similar to those used in current movie production are used to add smoke, fire and action. The most advanced techniques are used to light the scene.

After the 3 dimensional aspects are finished, digital painting is used to add final touches to the scene. When the image is complete, a series of proof prints are run with adjustments being made to the image and colour between each set until the desired result is realized. The original image is 1400 megapixels (digital cameras are typically 3 to 6 megapixels)! These pieces contain NO PHOTOGRAPHY and are 100% original artwork. The file is over 900 megabytes in size and produces an image of truly stunning clarity and detail even at the largest print sizes. All the painstaking detail of the image comes through with lifelike crystal clarity. In short, these images are crated much like the effects for a feature film.

Although some artists feel that the use of a computer in art is a “shortcut” or somehow cheating, quite the opposite is true. The process is highly complex, time consuming and simply requires a different skill set developed over many years of practice. The typical time in production of these images is six months to as much as a year. This technique produces an image with a different look and style than traditional paint and provides a truly fresh new product to the world of fine art.

Len Krenzler can be emailed at or you can visit his site at

Notes on Signatures

The original print of each image is signed in person by the pilots directly involved or related party. For limited edition prints, the signatures are reproduced with permission in high quality. All signees have played a vital role in developing the image, giving significant input to the look and accuracy of the image to help achieve complete realism. An image is never released until the signees are completely happy with how the image portrays the actual event.

Gail Adams
Gail was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. She began her art training at age seven from a prominent Alberta artist. Taking weekly art labs lasting two to three hours, it demonstrated to her parents that the decision to enroll Gail into these advanced lessons was the correct decision. Being exposed to art at such an early age allowed Gail to experience many different mediums.

Jack Ellis
Jack Ellis was an experienced Canadian acrylic and watercolorist. While he has painted a variety of subjects, his specialty was painting scenes from Alberta's oil and gas industry. He has worked from photos, drawings and, at times, his memory. Jack has created many paintings of industrial images.

Renee Robyn, Feature Surreal World Photography

Canadian born and raised, Renee is a former model turned photographer who has developed an ethereal style, combining fact and fiction. Merging together expertly shot photographs with hours of meticulous retouching in Photoshop, her images are easily recognizable and distinctly her own. She travels full time, shooting for clients and teaching workshops around the world. For booking info, please use the contact form.

Ruby Serben

Ruby is an Edmonton based Potter who is passionate about carbon-trapped Shino glazes, pushing the boundaries of firing in a gas kiln. Shino is one of the oldest glazes and demands diligence and patience to perfect. Colors will vary from thick, milky white, orange, rust, peach, red, gold, and charcoal grey spotting with variations of black carbon trapping. As the gas kiln is looking for oxygen, it will draw it out of the pot trapping soda ash and leaving black markings coined “carbon trapping”. These random one of a kind markings are mesmerizing and captivating. Making primarily functional pieces, Ruby also enjoys making sculptural vessels that act as a canvas to reveal the dance that takes place between the clay, the glaze, the kiln, and the maker, revealing its intimate workings on the surface of the pot. Ruby is influenced by the Rocky Mountains and the endless beauty and inspiration that nature has to offer.

Kari Lehr

Kari lives and paints in the beautiful crow’s nest path in Canada. “Wild Things” is a series of images which celebrate the colourful side of life in the Canadian landscape. Kari’s work is vivid and bright

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